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Stories From The Trail

Apr 30, 2019

Our guest Tyler Lau, aka "Hiking Prodigy" is the first person of color to hike all three long distance trails in the US in a single calendar year. That's 7,800 miles, and he did it with time to spare. 

Listeners who support...

Apr 19, 2019

Cory is changing his life by hiking the PCT while attempting to lose 200 pounds. As he puts it, this is his "Second Chance" at life. Now a youtube sensation, we were lucky enough to get a call from Second Chance from atop a windy pass in a blizzard, just over a hundred miles into his PCT journey. 

Join Reptar and Green...

Apr 10, 2019

Leave No Trace mean a whole lot more than simply not putting your trash in the campfire. 

In this episode, we get the whole crew together (it's been a while!) to talk about this very important topic. Green Giant, Voldemort, Reptar and Fozzie also discuss the PCT, ATKO, The Yellow Deli, gear giveaways and...

Apr 5, 2019

Amy Hunsucker, aka "Slider" carried a Trombone from Springer to Katahdin. Join Reptar and Daniel as we hang out with her and hear stories from her great adventure on the Appalachian Trail!

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