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Stories From The Trail

Feb 21, 2019

In the clouds

Joining Green Giant and Voldemort this week: Reptar, Fozzie, and Crazy Larry in a big meaty discussion about tradition. In this episode people confess their sins, jump off of bridges, eat too much and nearly shit their britches. Voldemort's method of post-pee hand washing with spit water is the stuff of legend,...

Feb 12, 2019

Photo by CrookedSticcks

Recorded January 16th, the 4th in our series "Long Distance Prep School". This week we barely scrape the surface of the infinitely deep topic: Gear. Featuring tips and tricks by Mark Calcagni (Laughing Totem) and Judy Heartfire Gross of LightHeart Gear.

Feb 7, 2019

The Trail is Full of Surprises

Thank you REI Asheville for allowing us to record our class! From REI's website: 

In 2014, Gary Sizer hiked over 2000 miles from Georgia to Maine, on a life changing journey called the Appalachian Trail. Enjoy an evening of delight as Gary shares his planning tips and tricks, plus stories, photos, and laughs drawn from...