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Stories From The Trail

Jul 27, 2019

Tough Girl Challenges Podcast with Sarah Williams

File this one under "Inspirational"! Sarah Williams is not only a veteran outdoor adventurer and world traveler, she has spent the past few years curating HUNDREDS of hours of conversation with other inspiring women from around the world on her amazing podcast, Tough Girl Challenges. 

The Tough Girl Podcast won the Women's Sports Trust #BeAGameChanger National Award for Media Initiative of the Year 2018.



In this episode we discuss:

* Does Sarah have a trail name and where did it come from?
* Sports, she was active in lacrosse, hockey and rounders
* Duke of Edinborough award
* After college, sara took on a high pressure job in the financial field, kep crazy hours, stopped doing sports.
* She was getting ten minutes of fresh air a day
* at the age of 32 she first asked herself "what should I do with my life"
* She traveled for 18 months, mostly in South America
* Machu Picchu, Bolivian Salt Flats, cycled Death Road, Climbed in Chile, Kilimanjaro
* This inspired the birth of "Tough Girl Challenges"
* Why backpacking is better than sitting on a beach somewhere
* What it's like succeeding in primarily male-dominated environments and how that influenced her
* Female specific safety tips you wouldn't have thought of
* The power of podcasting and the challenges of starting one
* Sarah describes getting through a hard time: the - six Marathons in six days, in desert, carrying all your stuff - 52 miles in one day, getting into that headspace that thru hikers recognize, living from one step to the next, and how gratitude helps combined with Training
* The power of gratitude
* Being able to look back on a "worst day" is valuable, so go make 'em. :)
* How to get out of the cycle of beating ones self up for "failure" or difficulty
* AT in 100 days
* How to "take the first step" and then build and keep momentum
* Her guests are female adventurers of all ages, all levels of education, all kinds of jobs and backgrounds
* Chrissie Wellington, 4 time Ironman Champion
* Cheryl Strayed for Episode 100
* Roz Savage, first woman to row solo across 3 oceans
* What it's like to not succeed, and why that's okay
* How she went from being someone no one's ever heard of to sending heart emojis back and forth with Cheryl Strayed
* What advice does Sarah have for women who are about to get started in outdoor adventuring?



Listeners who support the show have already heard the next THREE episodes while you and I sit here like a couple of bankers waiting for our two weeks of holiday. This includes ONE episode that no one else will ever hear. Ever.

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