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Stories From The Trail

Jun 20, 2019

Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods" is the book and/or movie that introduced so many of us to the Appalachian Trail that it seems almost silly for us to have taken this long to shake it down. 

Come hang with the gang and we spill this thing onto the floor, pick through the parts and decide what's too heavy, and what's too light. 

Listeners who support the show have already heard the next FOUR episodes while you and I sit here like a couple of actors from the 80s who still haven't been cast in a hiking movie yet. 

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Becky's Thought Provoking Questions about this film: 

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"Hiking is not walking" A simple question is what's the difference? Is it hiking only when you have a stick or a backpack?

"You are not doing this alone" Did anyone's significant other lay down any ground rules before agreeing a long distance hike was a good idea? What adjustments did you have to make because of loved ones' issues?

"You ARE too old" How much does health/age play into a thru hikes? Did you all have physicals before leaving home?

"Can you tell if people are going to make it all the way to Maine when you drop them off?" As you met others on the trail could you tell, as hikers yourselves, who would not make it?

"You never know what lies ahead." What thing made this true for each of you?

"Can't be uphill all the way to Maine!" Is the AT uphill mostly? Or any of the other long distance trails?

Mary Ellen criticized their tents and the other guy asked about Bryson's pack. What would you say is the most talked about piece of gear among hikers?

I can read our local newspaper in five minutes and be satisfied. But when I was at PV's for so long I found myself buying papers because I missed them. When you got to town what did you "have" to have as far as reading material? Maybe nothing.

Did you ever strike out to walk for something in town like Bryson tried to walk to KMart and found it impossible? Maybe forgetting you weren't on the trail?

Who do you identify with from the movie? Bryson? Katz? Mary Ellen? the two young helpful guys? The annoying nerd in the bunkhouse?

Katz had his whiskey bottle, Bryson had his walking stick, Lemmy had his memory sticks. What do you feel you "have" to carry on hikes?