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Stories From The Trail

Sep 16, 2018

In 2016 O'Ree Crittenden set out to hike the Georgia section of the AT. This would be enough of a challenge for any of us, but O'Ree attempted this without the use of his arms or legs. 

O'Ree (aka "O Dog") became paralyzed after a serious spinal cord injury 15 years prior, but instead of giving up, he became even more active. His perseverance and indomitable spirit have driven him to pursue outdoor activities with even more vigor than before, and now he serves as a "peer supporter" for others with similar injuries. 

Hear O'Ree's story, and prepare to throw away any excuses you've ever had for not attempting a goal. In this episode we talk about food, gear, and as always a little bit of poop, with a lot of inspiration.