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Stories From The Trail

Mar 12, 2018

The Appalachian Trail Kickoff is an annual event which has been held at Amicalola Falls State Park for nearly two decades. The site is home to the world famous falls, the start of the much maligned approach trail, and a rambling lodge with spectacular views. 

Each year hundreds of eager newbies and grizzled veterans gather here to swap stories and soak up wisdom. For many it is a kind of family reunion, for others, a wake up call.

The kickoff lasts three days, so there's plenty to hear. Enough for a few episodes, for sure. In this installment, Green Giant and Voldemort share their stories while bringing you with them to the festivities. Daniel makes a surprise visit, and the crew meets with Tom Kennedy of Hike For Mental Health, Ron Burger of ALDHA, "Sir Packs a Lot", Miss Janet, Odie, and many more. 

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