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Stories From The Trail

Jun 12, 2018

Voldemort and Green Giant team up with The Hiking Viking (Jabba) and Zach Davis (Badger) from Backpacker Radio in this joint episode, recorded at Trail Days. 


May 13, 2018

Janet Hensley, aka "Miss Janet" is a well known role model among the long distance hiking community, particularly the AT. She is notorious for providing unconditional, tough love not only for hikers, but toward the trail itself.

The Appalachian Trail and the culture which surrounds it would not be the same without her,...

May 6, 2018

In this episode we take Daniel on his first overnight backpacking trip! It's his first time spending a night in the woods, filtering water, setting up a tent, and even pooping in a hole. Sounds fun, right? 

It was even more fun than we expected, and the bar was pretty high. Not only did we have a great time on the trip,...

Apr 9, 2018

If you were starting the Appalachian Trail tomorrow, what questions would you have? 

New AT hiker Chris Clevenger called the show the day before hitting the approach trail. He's been preparing, practicing and pacing for at least a year, and now his time is finally here. 

Voldemort is on assignment (i.e. "between...

Apr 1, 2018

Bob "Sir Packsalot" Gabrielson is the proprietor of Top of Georgia Hiking Center at mile 69 (North) on the Appalachian Trail. Each year Packsalot shares his knowledge and experience at the AT Kickoff in the form of a motivational/educational talk called "The Ten Golden Suggestion for Hiking the Appalachian Trail".