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Stories From The Trail

Apr 9, 2018

If you were starting the Appalachian Trail tomorrow, what questions would you have? 

New AT hiker Chris Clevenger called the show the day before hitting the approach trail. He's been preparing, practicing and pacing for at least a year, and now his time is finally here. 

Voldemort is on assignment (i.e. "between...

Apr 1, 2018

Bob "Sir Packsalot" Gabrielson is the proprietor of Top of Georgia Hiking Center at mile 69 (North) on the Appalachian Trail. Each year Packsalot shares his knowledge and experience at the AT Kickoff in the form of a motivational/educational talk called "The Ten Golden Suggestion for Hiking the Appalachian Trail".


Mar 15, 2018

Keith Foskett (aka "Fozzie") is a long distance hiker, best selling author and maple syrup connoisseur. 

Zach Davis joins Gary and Megan to talk with Keith about hiking in Scotland, writing, self publishing, dogs, depression, and candy.

Keith's new book "High and Low" is available now.


Mar 12, 2018

The Appalachian Trail Kickoff is an annual event which has been held at Amicalola Falls State Park for nearly two decades. The site is home to the world famous falls, the start of the much maligned approach trail, and a rambling lodge with spectacular views. 

Each year hundreds of eager newbies and grizzled veterans...

Feb 25, 2018

In preparation for his first overnight hike, Daniel calls into the show from REI. If you've ever wanted to virtually help a new hiker select their gear, now's your chance. Or maybe you are that new hiker. Even better!

We help pick out some equipment and explain a few of the mysteries behind those choices. What's a...